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Love me or not , here I am

31 Jan


Published by Ela Hadzic


In my thoughts constantly,

You meet with a million of my dreams

It's never me, but, always about you.

Filtering in the air with its tenderness

aiming for me with its colour of love.

a butterfly.

It has been ages since we last met,

That was either fate, or time forgets

Fate forced me to stay quiet

and not say a word.

So I sat, waited and wept in silence

for something of no worth.

So when you appeared from the dark

I knew it was you,

Frozen,I felt your every fear

I recognised your breath as soon as you were near.

Your leaving a part of yourself,

in every one of my foot prints.

This is agony for my blue eyes

sometimes you cut me like a knife

but each time i fall, i rise.

I am already prepared for your HIT

and I waited so long.

Your avoidance of the truth

is only hurting you, we both know your wrong.

But, I know your alive and you exist

I feel you and won't give up I will persist

So what if I only love you in the dark!? its true

I'm alive for you, always and, only - you.

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Love me or not , here I am