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Love me or not , here I am

31 Jan

Fall Again

Published by Ela Hadzic

Fall Again

Fall Again

A decade has passed by,

or hadn't you noticed?!

there goes that 'time flies'

Leaving, was your motive.

Your hand in the hand of my heart

I feel pain in the silence dark

as you tug at my veins

waiting for my last breath,

so that you make your mark.

Your words, unconscious

like bullets aim at my heart.

You think I don't feel you?!

everytime your shooting starts?!

Tears, like snowflakes,

slide and melt into my skin.

Making pores even stronger

for the war to start within.

Whilst each word you say remains,

like a dream untold.

And every time I hear your breath

The truth begins to unfold.

Love is not in words

but more in what you show

You need to feed a hungry heart

in order to make it grow.

The more I need you the less your here

everything begins to fade.

Then I close my eyes and know your near

am living in the shadow of my shade

Like a stranger you call me

and think I don't know

How much you feel my pain,

then I hear your voice and become so weak

and fall in love with you again.

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Love me or not , here I am