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Love me or not , here I am

31 Jan

Published from Overblog

Published by Ela Hadzic


The darkness falls between two hands of time

I never quite know how I survive it

I cant see it but I can feel my heart rate drop

I dream that I dream and I want it to stop.

I pray in the silent moment of darkness and wind

I rewind the time I was warm

I am now cold and my heart cries within

knowing ill forever feel torn.

His look as rough as the stinging rays

rip through my mind

If I prayed for another 100 days

there's still no light to find.

His silence beats me like a punch in the head

his lips are stern and pursed

his eyebrows dance in an angry dust

no way out, I am cursed.

Body still and trembling

whilst his breath is short and hard

his roughness makes my stomach turn

this, I cant discard.

Who is he? I ask myself

and whatever brought me here

knowing I deserve all this

to live in darkness and in fear-

His hand moves up towards my face

the look in his eyes are dark

There is nothing bright about this stranger

Hes just leaving his black mark.

I always knew this would happen

since you left me in the cold

Silent tears in the silent nights

silent truth to be told.

Then the black sun comes shining

waiting for my sign

but I will not give or surrender

I will await for whats mine

TheN the days turn to nights

and those turn to weeks

I wait for the hollow moon to befriend

He listens, he don't speak.

I weep into my little hands

I mumble under covers

I reflect a smile to familiar faces

and they think we are lovers

I try and I try I keep trying

to hold the truth together

lying was my best friends curse

And it will stay here forever,.

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Love me or not , here I am