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Love me or not , here I am

31 Jan

The Unsaid

Published by Ela Hadzic

The unsaid,

Doubts, conflicting feelings mixing with each other within a soul of a soul.

You are the soul of my soul.I tasted the salty tears,

this is nothing new to me:It is you that

I am afraid for, you. At least when it rains,

I'm not crying alone.

I have travelled and flew between air and time,

each one trying to keep me for themselves,

whilst searching for a sign that your there.

I believe you too are, perhaps in your dreams

searching for me too, only there can you have me.

I know I am in this ocean of a world, swimming till my last breath

the surface I see and can't reach

but your always there to give me a little push,

must you?!

I gave my life the best name that exists, Oh honey its you.

Nothing more than believing in your existence, and the more I need you, the more

it seems this was all some bad dream that lasted years of no end,

To a stranger from lover and friend.

Your heart is weak you know, Your soul is a coward:

I know you have so much

to say but you don't believe its' worth.

There was always a 'no point' with you,

If you find it soothing, I'll agree.

Today you took me back.

Back to the shadow of your shadow , where I laid

my last hope and let it rest, I know that you know but I'm colouring

reality with your colours,

I'm forming a smile because you said you'd be honest.

I do not know any other way.

Your disappearing slowly, because in my dreams

I throw back at you each empty word from all the empty days,

I am afraid to let you unlock the door to my heart.

I am afraid to admit I am strong enough, for you to set me free,

most of all I am afraid that you will fall into her arms,

because 'her' wont be me.

It takes my breath away to even think it,

Oh how I wish to hold you tight, with both my arms

not like a shadow , but like a woman.

To look into those eyes and see me once again,

I have forgotten my resemblance

I want to kiss your smile again,

I want to stand there in the rain,

I want the world to know and see,

That you loved me and set me free.

I feel you, you know I do there is no need to see you.

There under the bridge of my body you lay, and plant those kisses

My finger -tips move to your only wish

as I know your breath upon my hips.

You still have my eyes tied as you touch

...You don't want me to know its you,

but did you really think I'd not, recognize you?!

Your in my veins, in my blood under my skin.

Your in my heart and soul through thick and thin.

You are my star , as I am yours

I follow you till the end.

With each one of your footsteps

Am your lover, your Ela, your stranger friend.

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Love me or not , here I am