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Love me or not , here I am

31 Jan

Us After

Published by Ela Hadzic

It was not whether my love was enough to keep him, but the fact
that he didn't keep me, he could have.
Every time before he'd leave me, he came back.
And that was all. He leaves and comes back, leaves and comes back
the same circle.

I had no strength to hold me, to scream
- 'WAIT, COME BACK, DON'T LEAVE ME.' As I often did.

Of course he came back each time and he, would be there.
Each time we would lose a part of ourselves in this
and then came time when we couldn't recognise each other anymore.

The thought alone, that he's not here drops me to the bottom.
Yet I hardly know the steps to get back up.
Living with only the images in my head of how
once the man I loved is now God only knows where
and is a total stranger.

It was by chance that we made that ''nest of trust' and we believed it would work
I did anyway. And more than that, he'd always say
'your going to do big things, don't ever change'
But I did.

Only, the fact is . I'll always love him for who he was
despite the pain and will always wander about the man he is , today.

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Love me or not , here I am