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Love me or not , here I am

31 Jan


Published by Ela Hadzic

I dreamt that, I dreamt about you,

...just the other night

I trembled then I fell in it

and began to fight.

When you came so close to me,

my knees were giving way,

I knew what was about to happen

and everything you'd say

I am not going to hide it

I have to tell you this,

everything you have to say

I felt it in your kiss.

You then did what you do best

and started to undress,

I felt your loving touch again

Well, you know the rest.

you smiled like you used to do

my lips began to pout

your pull was harsh as you twined with me

and turned me inside out

My mind flipped and turned its pages

you stood there dark and tall

i felt your hotness beneath my skin

then my eyes began to roll

my heart was full of love again

you whispered as i spoke

but when 3 words escaped your lips

I shuddered and I woke

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Love me or not , here I am