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Love me or not , here I am

06 Feb

Be Nice

Published by Ela Hadzic

You never know what kind of war people are fighting inside. Smile at each other, because that little smile you send may make a difference to someones day.

You never know what kind of war people are fighting inside. Smile at each other, because that little smile you send may make a difference to someones day.

I woke up this morning, because the night before I had come to a conclusion about something that has been bothering me for quite a while.

I didn't want to judge the situation before because I wasn't certain about the facts, but then it was confirmed and I just felt distraught because I didn't expect it .

Anyway, to cut it short. it made me realise that not everyone you love and care for will be happy for you, even if they know the conflicts you may be going through with yourself and your life.

This is painful when you realise that, I know you should never give to get and my belief was always what you put out there will come back to you so I always try hard to do , say something good. My approach is not always clear , but I expect those who know me, who I love to know the core of my intention. uh-uh WRONG !

Well , some you lose , some you learn. And I have learnt , accepted and ready to move on.

BE NICE TO EACH OTHER. Say something nice to someone every day, smile and say hello to the first 10 people you see ( you have nothing to lose- SO WHAT IF YOU FEEL LIKE AN IDIOT Your intention is to change yourself so that things change around you) .

Buy a chocholate bar for a colleague and place it on their desk, treat someone to a coffe in a coffee shop , do something unexpected for your wife/husband . Leave a post it note ' :) ' in a shop.

BE HAPPY FOR YOUR FRIENDS even if they are more successful than you, even if they are happy when your not - be happy for them , isn't that what its all about?

Do not talk nonsense to one friend about the other , if any sense they will feel your doing the same to them. Click on ! If you cant help someone and you want to pray, make a wish for them, if your a good person you will feel better for it instantly.

Is there not enough pain in the world already.

Don't judge ANYONE, leave GODS work to GOD.

And if you are a believer , before you even CONTEMPLATE saying something about someone , get your facts right and think is it the right thing to do? .... God hears , sees , knows all before you even think it , well, try SUPRISE HIM in a spur . He will reward you. Trust me on this.

Little things in life make a BIG difference . We are all equall but not the same, everyone is equally entitled to a shitty ' day and some happiness. In life its not , what happens that determines a situation , it is our ATTITUDE. I can write for the next ten years and continue this with a list of my own problems . I can make you laugh, cry and pull you into depression but I rather not because My attitude won't allow it, my conscious won't allow it . I don't sleep because I can't, I don't sleep because I WON'T. theres a difference, I know what am doing.

I am going to ruin this now with this finishing line. 'If you're not fucking me, feeding me or paying for me' then don't grant yourself the right to judge me, lie to me and take advantage of me.

TREAT ME LIKE I TREAT YOU and that is it ....

I have a face (even if its not the prettiest) well stand in front of me and stab me, because quite frankly all the holes in my back have been taken.

Good day

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Love me or not , here I am