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Love me or not , here I am

21 Feb

BElieve in YOUrself

Published by Ela Hadzic

BElieve in YOUrself

Accept no one's definition of your life, define yourself.

Harvey Fierstein

BElieve in YOUrself

My friend, the boat has arrived.

Something I have been meaning to say.......
The more you listen to your heart the happier
you will become,
The less you care what people think , the more you will overcome.

Have I ever told you I knew you before? :)
And now I know you better.
And for that I am grateful, only I know why.

People will come and go through your life, some will always stay, some you will have forgotten and a few you never will.
But the one person, that should always love you for who you are is YOU.
Please don't lie to yourself, or be too hard
For wanting to breathe without limit, Im talking about freedom. One day you will wake up next to the person you love and who loves you and they will either have embraced you by then or worse .... Now , I know you, you are afraid of many things and this fear is holding you back from opening your heart.
Your heart is like a secret garden, and the walls are too high... ("")
You hide your emotions and standby watching
everything else around you , you rather help than be helped. You are a spirit, you light every path around you - but you don't know that so Im telling you. You are so beautiful (I am.not hitting on you - I am not a lesbian) :)
But, your idea of being comitted , as I feel it, is wrong. I believe, you will be so happy , so free, so you ,once you taste love for what it really is.
Its not even about having someone wave goodbye to you in the morning only to lose their mind to greet you at the end , its not about having someone to call your own and be "owned" (that esp) ... Im speaking from my heart here , but I will tell you this ... Comittment is being free TOGETHER.
Good decent people are rare to find, but we found them ....and the.most important thing is HOW WE SEE THEM WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT THEM, HOW THEY MAKE US FEEL.
We are so alike, engaging a conversation about stupid things is easy - having the same view/perspective is difficult, even for those who are closest.
You.don't mean a lot to me because I care, or because there is an agenda. I am.not writing this because I love it, this is more personal.

There is a list of words I.don't even need to refer to :) ...another time

Dear friend, you are important to me because of me :) ... Not because you are highly intelligent and your words make love to my mind (hah shock) you hate shocks.

You were born to make mistakes you are making, you were born to have the problems you.may have, you were born to be misunderstood and be different, you were born because no one else can be you.

When we die we take with us our soul and heart and its contents, so fill them with these words and live your life YOUR WAY.

SMILE, Be happy - If you don't have what you need, then love what you have.

Sing , dance like.no.one is watching (fk em dance and let them watch)
Take all the space you want its all yours, distance yourself from.negativity ...
Do as you please, but just be you.

Ps: This is like talking to myself :)
Should there be any profits or publicity (other than 'folk tales' your cut is secure.

Warning : This is.not a poem, anyone reading this should.not assume , assumptions are mothers of all ef ups. Anything you may say regarding this will be used against you in.a story.
This.is written for a friend..and.I.hope.she reads it one day .... Soon.



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Love me or not , here I am