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Love me or not , here I am

05 Feb


Published by Ela Hadzic


There is a kind of love that you can feel towards a person that is not at all sexual
nor intimate. A kind of love that bonds you together emotionally, because you
have a connection that you don't always find in others. You may find you have a few people
like this in your life. And that is amazing .
In my experience of people, and I know many , It has always downed on me
that you cannot free yourself or be yourself because something is always missing.
Rare people have a great tendency of feeling insecure, this is not a weakness, it is rather
the fact of the human nature, because rare people are special and different. On ocassions
they may feel uncomfortable because no one else around them is alike.
They have different views, another level of intelectuality and overall a whole other
percieval of life. But they are not limited, they can make a difference to those around them it
just means many cannot make that same difference in return.

I am lucky , because I can count a few people like this in my life.
And I don't need to sit and talk to them, see them or spend time with them, just knowing
they exist makes the world a better place.

I love these few people, who I mentally connect with, because they take me on a different kind of voyage, they suck me in body and mind and soul.
We have a common ground , we don't like to take orders or advice , we have our own rules our own thoughts but we recognise each other and our individuality.

Figures of inspiration , I like to call them because they stand out of the crowd so much that you dont need to see them, you can place them amongst a massive crowd and just plain simple 'feel' them. There are more important things to us than money, materialistic thinking ... Things like
moral strength, integrity , dignity and love.

People like this are a different kind and rare I repeat again. I am one of these people
and I know this because I dont fit in 'because I was born to stand out like them'.
Self-reliant people don't follow , they lead . Ok , so there is the rebelious side of us
so what? :D ... We like to walk the paths no one has, take the risks no one would, and live like no one else will. If we can help we will, we strive to be needed to be recognised and only those alike will truly see this, people with deeper understanding than what meets the eye.

People like these are gems.
If you find them appreciate them, love them and don't lose them.

The ingredient is love that brings peace to mind, mine anyway.

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Love me or not , here I am