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Love me or not , here I am

28 Feb

Who cares what "people" say..?

Published by Ela Hadzic

Who cares what "people"  say..?
Who cares what "people"  say..?

First and foremost, respect yourself. I mean who else could be you better?

When doing something, Who cares what would people say? Ok, so if you do stop reading this post Now.

This is only for those who do what they do for THEMSELVES and not based on what others may think, because most likely you will be judged regardless.

Break that circle and be who you are,then and only then will you be happy.

Everyone is different and that is what makes the world a beautiful place, I don't mean different in colour, race, nationality ; I don't mean tall, short, big or small. That is not who we are.

We are what we think, what we say and do. The moment you accept that no matter what you wear, drive or who you look like, you are capable of being a great person a good soul and a good example of a human being for your children, and all those around you.

For some time now, a long time too I have written myself an assignment, not only so I can overcome "Character" issues I have with my book, but just so I can see and learn more about people. And oh my, it was challenging because I realised I was thinking wrong, looking but not seeing, I was listening but not hearing. I have also learnt that I have a funny face, maybe even an unapproachable one, so this may have put people off and maybe I am showing myself as "stuck up". Not only that but my forward and give-it-to-you-straight attitude has won me the "bitch" trophy, Now would you rather I lie and keep you sugar coated sweet or be honest and leave you real? After all I am only responsible for what I say, not how you understand it. All in all I mean well, I have always wished well for everyone and always intended to make people smile not cry. NOW CHECK THIS doing my assignment has made me open my eyes to more than I expected, I learnt who I really am and how even my own perception of myself was wrong about me because I used to think about myself as how people treated me. Capital F that!

So after trying changing some things (no not my face sadly) just the way I see people, it made me understand them better so that if I make a judgement of them it is the right one. And it is, :)

I see lots of people too concerned about what others do in their life, rather than concentrating on their own. I see people put each other down having a dig etc etc based on "things" not based on who these people are but the things they own or things they do. Who really knows what kind of person "does" something or anything? Reasons behind it? Curcumstances?

I have taken off my mask :), you know why? I don't want to fit in :) I don't want to follow this shitty formed perspective. I want to be me :) I will see the good in you no matter how much ugly words you use, no matter how many dirty looks you give, no matter what your opinion of me is or how low :) You don't know me if you think all above will have passed unnoticed.

I love happy people (those who are good to themselves and others when life is hard) those who despite not being happy in the moment can be happy for others. Those who will give you hand to get up when you're down. These people are the way forward.

Not those with fake smiles, who aren't satisfied in their own bed let alone in a big world like this :) There are people who are happy, read again HAPPY with less than we have. Think about it.

If you are happy with yourself you will be happy with others, if your opinion is low of someone it shows WHo YOU are not them. If you think good then good it will be.

Go talk to each other not about each other.

Live your life which satisfies God and yourself .

Do not let people define you, define yourself.

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Adooo pakahoontaš 11/08/2015 02:29

hahaahaahhaa pa ne mogu da vjerujem hahaahhaah :P
evo jedna trenutna https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9360teUqcwM&spfreload=10

Adooo pakahoontaš 11/08/2015 02:27

aaaaa elloo minelo hahahahahahahahhhaa :)
dobra ti ova stranica heheeheh ;)P

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Love me or not , here I am