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Love me or not , here I am

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  • Water under the bridge

    17 July 2015

    Tonight, within me a river flowing, fighting, tugging at the river bed. Hot and cold roots are growing, seeds of words, that were unsaid. Tonight, within me a river drying, Drying , fading at the river bed. Scared of fear and of dying, in the world of...

  • Fall

    17 July 2015

    Only ONE can catch you when you fall. (Allhamdulillah)

  • Thoughts

    28 July 2015

    Pen. Blank page. Rage. Soul , Pain, No ointment. Heart, aches and Disappointments. Plans, Tears, smudges. Wounds, Life- Grudges. Memories, Smiles Hopes. Hands, Ten feet ropes. Craze All thats said. all that is , was and.. Dead. Reasoning Rational path....

  • Forever

    30 January 2015

    They laughed because I loved you from a distance. You weren't even mine, we didn't eat or sleep together wake up together nor break up together. No, you never were mine. And all those times, I was in love with you, and whether we never meet again or die...

  • God be with you

    31 January 2015

    Go , May God be with you I can touch you from here. Forgiveness, you do not need I forgave myself for you. Go, May God be with you for I cannot, Happiness, I wish you what less?! Go, May God be with you leave me be in this mess. I've left a...

  • Wanders

    01 February 2015

    Sometimes I watched her from a distance, I knew she wasn't there, there where she sat that very moment. Once she told me her favourite place was this bench in a park. She took a train one thursday just to sit there, overwhelmed she cried. At that moment...

  • See now

    01 February 2015

    It doesn't hurt less, just hurts longer.

  • Paint your dream

    04 February 2015

    Imagine the world is a blank page , you are the artist. Using only your emotions , fears , strengths and weaknesses as colours. What would that picture be like? What would it say about you? And what difference would it make? ... I believe each one of...

  • Stay

    05 February 2015

    When you listen, you hear me. When you look at me , you see me. That is the difference between you and everyone else in the world.

  • Butterfly/ Leptir

    19 February 2015

    A man found a cocoon of a butterfly. One day a small opening appeared. He sat and watched the butterfly for several hours as it struggled to force its body through that little hole. Then it seemed to stop making any progress. It appeared as if it had...

  • Mr.Perfect

    20 February 2015

    Charmer. Enthusiast. Perfectionist. Planner. Critical and Judgemental. Distant. Hard on outside - warm as shit inside. Good looking, Modest though... Good at creating problems, so good in fact he loves to solve them. A solution to every problem...or maybe...

  • Fading

    20 February 2015

    It's just the pain I think. The pain of remembering, the feeling of pastime aches and the moments. Haven't quite figured what it is that hurts more, the time spent or the love wasted. One moment I was young and careless, the next old and careful. When...

  • Granted

    22 February 2015

    You lose the moon by counting the stars. Sometimes that is just the way it is. Accept it , move on but , you will never forget it.

  • Reap and Sow

    24 February 2015

    I am not good nor bad, the best nor the worst. I am in no way perfect, in fact I am perfectly imperfect. But I am alive, and Live I must. To this I must think good , of myself of life and of people because If I think less of anyone it will not define...

  • lonely

    25 February 2015

    Being alone is not nice, but being alone in a crowd of people is even worse. I know there is no cure for loneliness, not at all.. each one of us is born and lives then, alone he dies.

  • Time

    25 February 2015

    Take every opportunity to make the most of your minutes :} . The hands of time move only forward, do not hesitate to do anything you think of- for you willonlyregretthings you did not do.Go befree,be wildandbe happy.

  • Smile

    31 January 2015

    I smile Warm breeze dancing on my skin, feelings rush whilst swimming in my hot veins, I smile, I remember b ack. Back to summers of loneliness and pain, betrayal and heartache, and the rest I smile, I feel stron ger. Stronger than I ever was as I fight...

  • Zzzz

    31 January 2015

    I dreamt that, I dreamt about you, ...just the other night I trembled then I fell in it and began to fight. When you came so close to me, my knees were giving way, I knew what was about to happen and everything you'd say I am not going to hide it I have...

  • The Unsaid

    31 January 2015

    The unsaid, Doubts, conflicting feelings mixing with each other within a soul of a soul. You are the soul of my soul.I tasted the salty tears, this is nothing new to me:It is you that I am afraid for, you. At least when it rains, I'm not crying alone....

  • Come close again

    31 January 2015

    ......Our roads, deserted Open you heart face the pain, Smile and come close again. Let me feel your breath on my skin, Let me out , so I can let you in. I love you still, or can't you see?! You , You mean the world to me. But what have I left if your...

  • Us After

    31 January 2015

    It was not whether my love was enough to keep him, but the fact that he didn't keep me, he could have. Every time before he'd leave me, he came back. And that was all. He leaves and comes back, leaves and comes back the same circle. I had no strength...

  • .....

    31 January 2015

    Key to my smile Like a weeping willow I bend towards the Almighty , I seek an answer. Whilst you're asleep I whisper to you, I plant dreams, only then can I find you. Like a child in a womans' body I scream to come out and start again. With each heartbeat...

  • *

    31 January 2015

    Your Star Love doesn't just die it's like an eternal light It's always within us and with every hurtfull word or hit it only becomes stronger. It lasts longer than long. I'm always there, with You (H) I'm the guard of your dreams. I am your star in the...

  • Remember

    01 March 2015

  • Hmm....

    01 March 2015

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Love me or not , here I am