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Love me or not , here I am

31 Jan


Published by Ela Hadzic


Reflections Lie

You once told me am beautiful, you said my eyes are 'the windows to my soul ,

you held me close and felt my skin, you saw the worst and best within.

You once cried and tried so hard, only to forget and give and let- Fate play with our lives.

My heart thrives in sadness, tired wet and withdrawn , yet no sign of red hot boiling blood or

beat that was once music to love making. Be it now or never you have to be told, before your

dead too tired or old. I wont need , you to read or set your eyes on these words,and those

I spent already wanting you to feel-

You still exist in my shadow, I know this because you follow me from the darkness with one eye

oh won't you try and set me free , I know your inside waiting to burst

you possessed me , I'm dying of thirst.

The mirror lies, when I look at my eyes I see more of you,

I try and try and get sick of trying, to convince them all my reflection is lying

I cannot see me...

All I see is a grayed 'old-bird' dried out eyes of the blue see,

The mirror lies when the heart cries that 'old bird' can't be me.

You came and took and went to leave me, waved a long goodbye,

I cannot get with it , the time passed by,

like 4 hours every minute.

You lied when you cried and tried so hard, I am not beautifull

The beauty you saw deep in my eyes so clear and pure

was you.

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Love me or not , here I am