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Love me or not , here I am

31 Jan

Come close again

Published by Ela Hadzic

......Our roads, deserted

Open you heart face the pain,

Smile and come close again.

Let me feel your breath on my skin,

Let me out , so I can let you in.

I love you still, or can't you see?!

You , You mean the world to me.

But what have I left if your not here.

I'd give my all to have you near.

You voice awakes me in many ways,

I have yearned for you night and days

Open your heart face the pain,

Smile and come close again.

I am not the same, am not so strong

you are that light that shone me along.

I hold like on a thread, I have no choice.

My only survival is your voice.

That's all that's left of me and you.

one lil' jigsaw piece to carry me through

but once it's gone and we part together.

I know I will have lost you forever.

So, I hold on with a last hope in me

Its not so plain or simple to be

in this darkness where you hide me again

I taste your blood but you feel no pain.

I lay alone in the blue night,

I wander how far I've come to fight.

I gave up so I could keep you safe.

Was, I so easy to replace?!

I fall asleep, I face death

I lose touch and my last breath

but as day light calls in the morning fresh

I stand up and try again.

You were so strong in your lightened mist,

you locked away my reason to exist.

I feel you each and every day, don't deny me

just sit, and pray.

You saw an ocean form in my eyes,

You sat still , no surprise.

But I felt you , to this day

little fears you failed to say.

Love me or love me not.

it only hurts what you forgot

we made an oath and promised forever

so even apart we're still together.

You have always kept one foot outside the door

But the less i had you, I wanted more.

your burning so hot in my boiling blood.

Trust me I'd die, If I could.

My sins have formed quite a queue

I wont go alone, I'll be waiting for you.

Explain why you shook hands with fate

then sold my soul, my love and wait...

Open your heart and feel the pain

Smile and come close again.

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Love me or not , here I am